Welcome to the Strategic Highway Research Program NDToolbox.  This site was created to showcase the research conducted under the SHRP2 initiative into the use of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) on infrastructure systems.  NDT techniques are used to analyze a structure without compromising its integrity, as is the case with more destructive approaches, such as coring and drilling, and with higher accuracy than less efficient approaches, such as hammer sounding and chain drag.  The NDToolbox’s purpose is to bring to you, the project engineers, inspectors, and managers, information about technologies that can help you to more efficiently analyze the condition and quality of the infrastructure systems under your care.  The potential uses vary from detection and characterization of defects and deterioration in existing structures to quality control during the construction of new structures.

This web-tool is broken down into three primary infrastructure asset categories: Bridges, Tunnels, and Pavements.  Within a given category, the technologies used for applications related to that type of asset are detailed.  Each technology has pages devoted to general background information, applications, and application-specific performance information.  Potential applications and lists of technologies required for their analyses are also supplied for each asset category.  Navigation to other technologies, applications, and asset types is possible from every page of the NDToolbox.

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For more information on the projects that form the basis of this web-tool, please follow the link below.

SHRP2 NDT Projects